Dreem Records is  focused on working a plan, that insures the Benghazi USA Heroes ™ will not be driven off the varying and changing circumstances of living life in the USA.  Unless we Americans continue to honor and remember our American Heroes in a real local way, over time they will be lost to the fog of people living their life, until those lives will create Fewer And Fewer USA American Heroes™ until we will become a hollow Nation of no heroes - a horrific thought.

Are there any patriotic musicians left in the USA?  In The Past, Lee Greenwood's inspiring song GOD BLESS THE USA was the example of USA Musicisians - Now we have LayDown Gag ™ and her ugly self, making an issue out of a people's rights?  Big Deal.  A poor publicity stunt, even if the so called news medial doesn't know the difference between "news" and "not news" -which apparently they don't.

So, where are you USA patriotic musicians?

I hope there are enough of you left in the USA to take advantage of a great business opportunity and at the same time dress up Your Personal Character: stand up for the America that people died to keep you free; have you forgot they did ?

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